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As the power of the Internet enables people to know about any new place at the click of a button, instantly look up and book travel related services (Hotels, Cabs etc.); the travel industry is grappling with the rise of this Silent traveller. How does the travel agent fraternity add value in this age of the empowered customer - the silent traveler? Can it provide services quick speed and agility of online portals, while retaining the personalized touch of services? Darwin Tech's mission is to enable the fraternity with its tools to do exactly this!


  • Generate tailormade holidays
  • Guaranteed availability
  • No manual processes
  • Real time rates
  • Automated Itinerary based on preferences
  • Book in real time

Our flagship product, tripDarwin.com, is an online service for travellers to automatically create holidays personalised to their requirements and allows them to book all components at once within seconds

A company of geeks, we are using the most cutting edge technologies

Thoughts from the founders

Why Darwin
Why Darwin

Darwin Tech* started out of a discussion between the two co-founders about the relative low-tech and slow nature of the dynamic packaging aka tailored / customized holiday market. Even though, a large majority of travellers…

Why book holidays through a Travel Agent?
Why book holidays through a Travel Agent?

There are¬†several reasons why even seasoned travellers still prefer going through a travel agent for planning and booking their holidays. In fact, regular holidayers often have a trusted travel agent, just like families in yesteryears…

What ails the Travel Agent industry
What ails the Travel Agent industry

The experience of planning and booking a holiday through travel agents is often several orders of magnitude slower than the feeling of searching for holiday destinations online, punching in your credit card, and getting a…